Cabiapp Dingdong




    *Instantly find a taxi cab, anytime, anywhere within the UK.
    *Hail a cab instantly, we will spot your location and let you know a driver is on the way.
    *Track your cab on live map as it comes to pick you up.
    *This app means you can instantly find a taxi
    In 2 clicks you will be talking to the closest (and therefor cheapest) taxi company to your current location.
    *Never get stuck for transport again. Get it for you wife,girls, husband, boyfriend now! Even better - buy it for yourself.
    * "Friend Tracker" option lets your friend track and see your journey on the map.

    MiniCabiApp is one of the best Android based taxi calling apps. A must-have friend in your pocket, ready for when you need it. CabiApp is available only for use within London.
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