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    Christmas Island offline map

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    Offline map of the Republic of Kiribiti island known as Kirimati or Christmas Island for business & tourist visitors. Download before you go, (don't assume your hotel has Internet!), and avoid expensive roaming charges or lack of connection. The map runs completely on your device; map display with pan and infinite zoom, routing, search, bookmark, everything. It does not use your data connection at all. Switch your phone function off if you want to!

    No ads. All features fully functional, you do not need to buy add-ons. We have also taken care so that you only need to switch the GPS on when you really want it and avoid eating your battery,

    The map includes the whole island. You can show a route for motor vehicle, foot or bicycle; even without a GPS device.

    The map is based on OpenStreetMap data, It is good for basic navigation and orientation, (we have contributed refinements and things like approximate coral reef edges and the site of former British 1950's nuclear testing). The roads are there. Many of the tracks are there. The airport is there. Larger buildings are mostly mapped. You will not find any street names and our Gazetteer coverage does not have much in it You can help improve it by becoming an OpenStreetMap contributor ... only 2 of the island's approximately 7 hotels and guest houses are identified so far, it would be great to have them. We periodically publish free updates with the latest data.

    The app includes a search function and a gazetteer.

    You can bookmark places like your hotel for easy return navigation using "My Places".

    Turn-by-turn navigation is available. If you don't have a GPS device, you can still show a route between two locations.

    Navigation will show you an indicative route and can be configured for car, bicycle or foot. The developers provide it without any guarantee that it is always correct. For example, OpenStreetMap does not always have turn restrictions - places where it is illegal to turn. Use with care, look out for and obey road signs and if you are going off the beaten track do let someone know exactly where you are going and when you expect to be back. Use foot or bicycle option if you want to use the island's many tracks ... again take care, the important ones have been visited by OpenStreetMappers on the ground but many others are from aerial imagery and many or may not be in good condition.

    Like most small developers, we cannot test a wide variety of phones and tablets. If you have trouble running the application, do email us and we will try to help and/or refund you.