CIME Tachometer

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    A stylish GPS speedometer for your mobile phone.

    CIME Tachometer shows current speed on the phone's display using the GPS antenna of the smartphone.

    The layout of the speedometer can be viewed as portrait or landscape format. In landscape mode there is enough space to additionally show up speed values divisible by five as numbers (see screenshot).

    The speed can be displayed in one of the following units:

    - Kilometers per hour [km/h]
    - Meters per second [m/sec]
    - Miles per hour [mph]
    - Knots (nautic) [kn]

    The signals of at least four GPS satellites are required to activate the speedometer and to calculate speed.

    Green bars at the screen indicate the number of satellites in contact with the device. The display of speed will be interrupted if less than four satellites are contacted by the device. Additionally up to four red bars show up at the satellite indicator instead of green bars.

    Speed calculation by GPS is working outdoors only!

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