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    App finds the shortest route from one station to another (less stops in between). Currently supports Bangalore and New Delhi cities.

    For any suggestions : feel free to tweet me at @prazjain

    How to use:
    1) Main Screen
    It has 4 options.
    You can search for routes between two stations.
    You can see the list of all stations.
    You can share the application with anyone who needs it through facebook and twitter.
    You can set your current city (using the menu button and choose your city), so you see the routes for your city.
    2) Search Route screen
    You select 'from' station and 'to' station using the pick station screen.
    Hit 'Go', see results in Route Display screen.
    2.1) Pick Station Screen
    You can select your station from the list of stations. Each station has an icon to indicate its metro line connections. You can filter the list of stations using line buttons on the top.
    2.2) Route Display Screen
    This shows the number of routes from one station to another. If station has more than one metro line connection through it, it will show the shortest route through each metro line connection. Here shortest route means the route with minimum stations in between. Click / Tap on the route to see more details of the route.

    3) Stations
    This shows the list of stations in the metro network for the chosen city. You can filter the stations for any metro line using the metro legend icons on the top. Here select the metro station to make it your favourite, so you can reach it quickly when searching for routes.

    Hope that helps.

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