Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail




    Most people who visit or move to Richmond Hill already know a bit about the Civil War heritage that South Bryan County shares with many of its neighbors. In decades past, the GA Historical Society has made an effort to commemorate the most notable sites, with the addition of several historic markers in Richmond Hill and at Ft. McAllister.

    However; there is one era in Richmond Hill’s history that is unique to our community alone. That is the Henry Ford Era. In the 1930’s Henry Ford made a lasting impression on our community and built many of the buildings that we think of, when we think of historic Richmond Hill. These sites, along with the Civil War and Georgia history markers, are featured in this tour.

    This interactive mobile app will take you on a voice narrated, GPS enabled tour of Richmond Hill and Southern Bryan County with historic photos and intriguing stories.

    Please keep in mind that there are private homes, active churches and cemeteries included on this tour and proper respect should be paid at all times. Drive safely and enjoy the tour!