Daily Japanese-Chinese-English

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    Daily Japanese-Chinese-English
    Dictionary of Conversation for Android

    The opportunity to use foreign languages has increased greatly in recent years. Leaving aside the difficult stuff, it would be great to be able to say “你好!” and to communicate with foreigners, as that would make travel and encounters with foreign strangers so much more enjoyable. This electronic dictionary is built to encourage users in this area.

    Audio pronunciations by native speakers have been added for all Japanese, Chinese, and English phrases. Tapping on the audio pronunciation icon of a phrase will play back that audio file. Listen and learn from natural Japanese, Chinese, and English speech.

    The dictionary consists of 27 chapters, divided into different aspects of travel and life. Pinyin romanization and katakana pronunciation accompany Chinese phrases. As indicated in the title with “Japanese-Chinese-English”, English is also included in the mix, which will allow you to enjoy the unique Chinese culture through English phrases as well.

    【Applicable models】2011/9/6
    Android OS2.2
    Android OS2.3

    ※Android OS3.0 Unsupported

    Regza phone T-01C(OS2.2)
    Galaxy-S (SC-02B)
    Galaxy-S Ⅱ(SC-02C)
    Galaxy-Tab (SC-01C)
    Optimus chat  (L-04C)
    Optimus bright (L-07C)
    Xperia arc (SO-01C)
    Xperia acro (SO-02C)
    Xperia ray  (SO-03C)
    MEDIAS (N-04C)
    MEDIAS WP(N-06C)
    AQUOS phone (SH-12C)
    ※optimus Pad L-06C Unsupported

    Regza phone (IS04)
    AQUOS phone (IS12SH)
    Xperia acro (IS11S

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