DriversApp is an all-in-one application for vehicle owners to effectively record and manage mileage and expenses of your vehicles. DriversApp also provides emergency roadside assistance in case you need help on the road. Track fuel consumption information, maintenance costs, as well as general vehicle expenses (with customizable lists such as parking costs, toll fees, car washes, and technical inspection). This can provide you with comprehensive information of your vehicle's fuel efficiency and the operational costs. The parking time remiinder function lets you enter your parking start time, and the application will send you alert in advance to remind you before your parking ticket/parking meter expires. And the parking / gas station locator utilizes the GPS system to locate where you are, then shows you the nearby car parks / gas stations.

    Features of this App:
    Nearby Places — Automatically Search Locations & Routes such as Car Parks, Fuel Stations, Automobile Services, Restaurants, Sceneries, Facilities, Police Stations and Hospitals;
    Parking Assistant / Parking Time Reminder;
    Emergency Roadside Assistance — Flat Tire, Breakdown and I'm Drunk;
    Record Vehicle Maintenance Cost & General Expenses spent on the vehicles — with Summary of the Statistics of your expenses. Supports multiple vehicles;
    Gas Stations, Car Park / Parking Locator;
    Vehicle's Service & Maintenance Reminder;
    Point System Records;
    Useful Information — DMV and Useful Numbers.

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