Dublin Offline Travel Guide

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    Dublin with the 1000 years old history, consider as one of the major tourist attraction in Europe. This is the capitol of Ireland with rich of historical landmarks. This city is by the sea , harbors and lies nestled among hills and mountains. Dublin considered as a destination for all the ages and consists of best hotels, restaurants and pubs and many places to visit and enjoy. Visitors can taste traditional Irish entertainment from those pubs and restaurants and witness the Dublin's long and colorful history by visiting museums and galleries. Best time to visit Dublin is summer and lot of places closed on winter season.

    The ultimate travel guide comes to your Android, with offline viewing. This guide has:

    - all the must see locations, including pictures, details and an offline map
    - offline maps, at 4 levels, so you can find your way without internet access
    - all the country info you need to know before you go
    - all the annual events you should go to if you can
    - an offline version of the wikitravel page
    - the current local time
    - the exchange rate
    - the local weather

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