Easy Talk Chinese




    Now you can talk Chinese easily. Step by step text and audio guide to cover the very beginners to experts.

    Learn and practice Chinese (Mandarin) any time you want.
    • Most useful daily used Mandarin phrases
    • Including Pinyin (Roman alphabet for learning Chinese) with English translation
    • Listen Chinese audio while reading
    • Practice any-time / anywhere
    • Easy navigation
    • Smooth Scroll

    Learn Chinese Grammar
    • Chinese Pronunciation
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Verbs Action

    Learn Chinese Vocabulary
    • Numbers
    • Colour Names
    • Beverages
    • Body Parts
    • Vegetable names
    • Profession
    • Time, Days & Months
    • Chinese Food
    • Dessert Names
    • Common Relations
    • Animal Names
    • Birds Names
    • Travel / Tourist

    Learn Chinese Dialogues/Words/Phrase/Sentence
    • Do You Speak Mandarin?
    • Where Do You Live?
    • Words used when Shopping
    • In Travelling
    • In Bank or Business
    • Action Phrases
    • Asking Directions
    • At the Restaurant
    • Weather/Climate
    • China New Year

    The settings allow you to change the font size for English, Pinyin and Chinese and toggle to turn on/off any of them for your convenience.

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