English-French Phrasebook

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    If you're going to be traveling where French is spoken, this popular talking phrasebook is a must-have application. The English-French Talking Phrasebook by MobiLearn provides the help you need just when you need it. In a flash, you can choose a phrase in either French or English, then see and hear its translation in the other language.

    The program is based on a core of over 2,000 common expressions linked to the situations you're most likely to experience as a business traveler or tourist in the many places around the globe where French is spoken. The expressions were developed by professional teams of native speakers. Their translations are based on the mainstream conversational language as it's spoken today, and they provide pure pronunciations and authentic speech for each audio clip.

    Note: Because of the Phrasebook's high-quality audio, it requires more storage memory than the average Android app--about 50 MB. Installation on a high-capacity SD card is recommended. The core program installs in about a minute, then installs all remaining voice files on first launch in a one-time download. This may take a few minutes, depending on network speed.

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