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    WotsDis Travel Guide Spain is the app you need if you are planning to visit Spain and you want to know where you are, where to find interesting places, or what is that wonderful building in front of you, but don't want to expend a lot of money in data roaming.

    Includes all the information of Spain and Portugal, as well as the south of France and north of Morocco.

    You will have in your hands the maps and points of interest, and all the articles of Spain and Portugal, as well as the routing information.

    You will not need to establish an expensive data conection to know where you are, where you can find a restaurant, or what is that fantastic monument just in front of you. Further more, if you don’t have 3G or 4G coverage, it doesn’t matter, you have all the information with you.

    You will not even have to read it, just can keep enjoying your time while WotsDis audioguide engine dictates all the interesting details.

    We are working in new WotsDis maps. You will find all the details in our website

    .- Offline maps, no data conection at all
    .- Find the nearest article
    .- Find the nearest point of interest organized in more than 30 different cathegories
    .- Dictates the article you have choseen, with one of four different voices you can select
    .- Locate yourself, the articles, or the points of interest in the map
    .- Select an article or a point of interest by clicking on it in the map
    .- Keeps a trace over the map of the route you have done
    .- Clarify what is in front of you with the augmented reality funcionality
    .- Routing walking or by car to any point in the map
    .- Augmented reality based guidance to destination
    .- Digital terrain model on the map including contour lines and elevations

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