Estates of Serenity Tour




    Explore the historic Estates of Serenity in Grant County, Indiana with this audio tour. Today this is a lonesome spot, a place largely forgotten by our busy, modern world, but buried here are the adventurous vagabonds, war heroes and mighty industrialists that built Marion, Indiana. They are silent now, but they speak to us through stories that have been passed down through the years. As you wander among the graves watch closely for the shadows of those who walked this way before us.

    View a map of the Estates of Serenity, find grave sites through GPS, and listen to professional audio recordings about historic figures buried in the cemetery. Individuals on the tour include:

    * Walter and Flossy Bailey
    * Martin Boots
    * Jasper Burden
    * Abijah Jay
    * Thomas Marshall
    * John McCulloch
    * Peggy Wilson-Vaughan
    * John Ratliff
    * David Shunk
    * George W. Steele
    * John Vaughan
    * J. Wood Wilson

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