Explore Missouri State




    Explore Missouri State provides interactive GPS-guided tours of the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, MO. Use it like a guidebook to find your way around campus and to discover points of interest. After you download this free application, you will have access to a number of different tours. Each tour experience can be streamed or downloaded. The streaming tour format saves hard drive space on your device and avoids the time associated with large downloads, while a downloaded tour can be enjoyed with our without WIFI or 3G connectivity.

    As you embark on your own self-paced tour, you will enjoy the following features:

    • Interactive, zoomable GPS maps that indicate your current location and included points of interest on your tour

    • Photos, videos, and descriptions of academic buildings, residence halls, athletic facilities, key campus buildings, visitor parking, and more

    • Multiple ways to access points of interest, from the map or via categorized lists

    • Tour Stops which will help you orient yourself and quickly find points of interest

    • Additional embedded information such as phone numbers, websites, addresses, etc.

    • Deals/Events

    Download our app and get started today!