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    Family GPS Tracks is specifically designed to families to locate each other, track your family members or friends real-time location. It is a point to point app of LBS, based on GPS and SMS, easy to use, don’t need to register any accounts, don’t need to login with account and password, protects your privacy by never sending info to any third parties(or web site) and keeps you from any suspicious tracking down. Install the app on the phones that you want to track, have the app running on them, you can find where your family members (and their phones) are on map.
    Use Family GPS Tracks while you run, bike, hike, or do anything else outdoors, and it will use the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. This app will also gather useful statistics such as time, speed, and distance, and sends it to your family member or friend via SMS automatic at your specified interval. You and your family can review all of this data on mapview by Family GPS Tracks.
    Family GPS Tracks can save locations of yours or from your family for use later, family members unlimited, locations unlimited.
    If Family GPS Tracks have not been installed on your family’s phone, they can view SMS from you and link to Google Maps. This link also opens in Maps application on Android and iPhone.
    Once you have Family GPS Tracks, whenever elders are on vacation, children are away from home, you can know the exact location without calling them. You can meet your friends at any new places with peace of mind as far as both you and your friends have this app running. It’s so convenient to keep tracking all the places you have visited. Even you can tell whether your coworkers arrive at their destinations safely at specified time. There are so much more you can do with Family GPS Tracks…
    You can set how often you would like to send an SMS (default as 2 minutes), let Family GPS Tracks run in the background mode by lock phone or press Home key.
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    信鸽(Homing Pigeon)可用于家人或朋友之间互相定位,以便及时知道对方在哪儿,也可查看对方去过哪里,什么时候去的。信鸽是一款点对点LBS应用,基于GPS和短信,简单易用,使用过程中不需要注册任何帐号,不需要通过帐号密码进行登录。启动信鸽服务后,将每隔一定周期,通过短信将GPS位置信息发送给您指定的亲友,指定亲友随时可很方便的在本机信鸽中,通过地图查看您的当前位置和移动轨迹。如果对方没有安装信鸽,则可直接通过短信中的链接,打开Google地图查看你的位置,但这种情况下无法查看你的旅行路线。其中,亲人的手机号码可设置,只给指定的手机号码发送短信,位置等信息不发送给任何第三方网站,保护您的隐私不被非法跟踪利用等;短信发送周期可设置,默认2分钟,每周期只发送一条短信。
    有了信鸽(Message Pigeon),老人外出旅行时、孩子独立出远门时,您可随时知道他们当前在那儿,免去焦虑和反复电话询问;有了信鸽,在陌生的城市与朋友见面时,不再为说不清楚自己当前在什么位置而相互急啊,打开信鸽啊,对方一看就明白;有了信鸽,随时可查看曾经去过哪儿;有了信鸽,随时可查看工作人员是否在指定时间去过或到达了指定位置;有了信鸽,…。
    本软件需要Google Map支持,通过连接Google Map查看位置,支持卫星视图查看。

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