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    Published: 2014-05-12, by Peter Warrior.

    Turn your phone into a HQ to check all GPS linked devices

    • Clean and useful interface
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Obvious increase of battery usage

    "Offspring, assemble!"

    There are many ways to make use of the internal GPS all smartphones have, and many manufacturers include GPS tracking as an built-in option if you take the time to turn it on. However, when you have to look after a group of individuals, a family, a boy scout troop, a group of fellows or whatever, things get a little bit more complicated.

    That's where Family GPS Tracker shows up. First off, you have to install it in your device and send "invitations" to those you care about (keep in mind at all times that you can never ever install anything in somebody else's device without his or her consent). Then, your device will work as a central HQ, receiving data from all the linked devices and positioning them on a map.

    In case that isn't enough for your serenity, the app includes an option to mark out green and red zones and receive a warning when someone leaves the former or enters the latter (as in "tell me when she reaches grandad's" or "warn me if he goes to the park"). As this app takes a little bit of extra battery, an energy bar is added to every member so you can know their battery levels at a glance. In-group messaging also works as a SOS widget (great for older folks).

    User interface is clean and useful without whimsical flourishes that would only distract you from what you're currently doing. It's very easy to use.

    It's the closest thing to that Harry Potter clock at the Weasley's, if you know what I mean. We can only ask for some Minority Report-like features yet to be invented (voice recognition anyone?) or other minor features.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 12, 2014


    Family Locator – lets your family be in touch and stay connected anytime.
    See the real-time location of your family
    Share free messages with your family and kids finder app
    In need send/receive SOS with exact location

    Family Locator – lets your family
    Get notification, when your kid reaches destination
    Mark safe zones such as school, or home on the map
    Create your own groups in the app (of your kids, friends, or colleagues)

    Family Locator – lets your family
    Receive alerts when kids go where it’s not safe

    Family Locator – lets your family
    See the location history of family members during past 7 days (available as an in-app purchase)
    Easy real-time tracking of your stolen or lost phone
    Find your phone easily using your friend’s phone

    The most accurate Family Locator for your family safety and phone tracking

    Family Locator combines the robust GPS tracking functionality and internet mapping
    Family Locator app was designed as an easy to use safety tool for your family, children and friends localization.
    Enhance security and safety of your family members using smart intuitive app

    With Family Locator app you can track safety and security of your child, family members & retired parents and always know where your loved ones are

    Privacy of your family is top concern for us, reveal location only to people you trust
    Know when kids leave school, Grandma’s, and mark danger zone in the map to be notified when family member enters the zone
    Navigate to places your close one got stuck (works best with Sygic GPS Navigation)

    Family Locator app keeps your close ones connected and secure

    The family locator app lets you find your friends, child, and other family members easily with augmented reality
    The app keeps you in touch even if you are busy
    Check-in to tell others your location

    Family Locator app keeps an eye on you cell phone even if you lose sight of it

    Find your cell phone easily thanks to real time localization of your smartphone
    Track your lost or stolen cell phone for up to 7 days, thanks to Premium Location History function
    In case your phone gets lost, check its location as soon as possible on some of your family member’s phone. To see its location on other phone, your cell phone and its location services have to be turned ON.

    Note: For Family Locator to function properly Location services must be turned on. Battery consumption is optimized for daily use of Family Locator. Family Locator app needs to check your position regularly so it may take up-to 11% of your battery life. Family Locator - is available for Android and iPhone.
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