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    Find and book your hotels anywhere in the world from your Android phone using FastBooking app: easy-to-use, quick and secure booking process!
    Prices and availability are updated in real-time by the hotel operators themselves, which guarantees constantly up-to-the minute information, the best rates on the market, access to promotions and last minute opportunities.

    Key features:
    • Multi-criteria and real-time search of availabilities. Sort hotels by distance, price or stars
    • Easy, fast and secure booking
    • Book for anytime: tonight, tomorrow or next year
    • Geo-location: find hotels near your current position using GPS, and locate it on a map
    • Hotel information about rooms, locations, illustrated with a photo gallery
    • Latest guest reviews available
    • Bookmark your favorite hotels
    • Share hotels you recommend with your friends and family via the social networks

    Why using app?
    • It includes thousands of independent hotels worldwide
    • No advance payment is required: FastBooking will not debit your credit card. You pay the hotel directly during your stay. Your credit card is used simply to secure your booking.
    • FastBooking services are free. No additional fees, even if you cancel.
    • Bookings are made directly from the application and not on a Web page as you quit the app.
    • Information transferred on the network is secured through encryption (SSL protocol)
    • Bookings are confirmed via e-mails

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    About FastBooking
    FastBooking was founded over 10 years ago and is specialized in online hotel bookings. More than 150 people work at selecting the best hotels in the world and getting the best rates and last minute promotions for you, thanks to the FastBooking system, which is installed on the Websites of over 7,000 hotels worldwide.

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