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    About FlashCast

    FlashCast is a Nairobi-based enterprise offering a novel in-bus communication platform. We operate a network of location-enabled, dynamically refreshing, scrolling text displays installed across fleets of public transit vehicles (buses & matatus - aka ma3) in Kenya. Via our smart hardware, FlashCast offers businesses and organizations of all sizes unprecedented market access. FlashCast also engages passengers with rich, relevant content, and the opportunity to interact with the platform, and each other, for free through any mobile phone.

    FlashCast Sonar

    Sonar is an Android-powered initiative designed to make FlashCast's unique, real-time transit data available to the public.

    * View zoomable, scrollable bus route maps including stage locations
    * View real-time locations, bearings, and velocities for all vehicles in the FlashCast SmartBus fleet
    * View route analytics providing a snapshot for present, Nairobi traffic conditions
    * Search for stages nearby your present location
    * Crowd-source route and stage information to help ensure FlashCast's maps are always comprehensive and up-to-date
    * Read 'buzz' on the street - a real-time feed of SMS responses from SmartBus passengers

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