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    #Fixed the issue of always on high accuracy. Now you can select between high/low accuracy easily.

    Question: Where were you last Friday at 8 PM?

    Answer: Let me open Footprintz. It knows exactly where I was. It's like having a time machine in my pocket, only for real.

    Footprintz is a different kind of GPS tracker that saves your locations in background without affecting your battery life. It saves your location only when your location changes significantly, so that you can keep using it for days and days without worrying about battery life and memory on your phone.

    "Particularly useful if you’re in a new place or on vacation and would like to keep a record of your route to help jog your memory later" - Macworld

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    Here is what all you can do:

    1. Find out where you were on a specific date and time.

    2. Find all the places you have been on a specific day. You can filter on date and duration.

    3. Find out when was the last time you visited a place. You can either enter the place in search bar or zoom/pinch/drag to find your Footprintz on Map.

    4. It shows your locations on Map numbered in the order of time, from the earliest to the latest.

    Now, Isn't that cool!!!

    The best part is, you just install it once and forget about it. It will save your locations automatically. It just works !

    1. You can toggle between high/low accuracy location updates to save battery power

    2. High accuracy locations uses GPS and takes more battery power.

    3. Low accuracy locations use cell towers for locations and takes very less battery power, but these are approximate locations, you may rarely see a location that is very far, it is because the tower with which your phone is connected to, is very far.

    What are the other uses of this app?

    1. See what route you took when driving from Boston to New York city, or any other city of your choice.
    2. How long does it take you to commute to/from office on different days?
    3. Prove it to your GF/Wife that you were indeed in office on sunday and not at your friends place ;)
    4. Do you work in Sales/Marketing? Then this app is must have for you.

    - Footprintz is a multitasking application which works in the background while you use other applications and keeps track of you locations.

    -Your "footprintz" stay on your phone, and never leave your phone, so don't worry about the risk of unknowingly sharing your location with others.

    - A great application while travelling and holidaying, see what all places you visited and at exactly what time.

    -Footprintz gives you an option to choose low accuracy locations, which means that the locations are approximate, but it uses very less battery power so you can use it all day without worrying about battery life.

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