Freiburg City Tour




    Freiburg City Tour

    The App will offer you an entertaining city tour through the famous medieval historic centre of Freiburg. We show you 18 historic locations with Image and Text on a round trip. The App's GPS-function indicates your own position to you anytime. So it's a childs play to find your way around. We propose the round trip we consider to be the most beautiful, but you are free to take your own side trips. Maybe you want to take a stop at one of the many cafes or restaurants you can find beside the tour. With our app you can have a brake anytime you like. So it's your personal city tour, whenever you like it and how you like it.

    The features:
    - City map including the round trip with map satellite or hybrid view
    - Markers on the map for all locations the app describes
    - Indication of your own geographical position via GPS
    - 18 Locations with detailed descriptions and photo
    - List view for direct selection of locations
    - You can easily switch between map and description
    - everything worth knowing about Freiburg's historic city compactly presented

    Always up to date:
    Each time you start the app, the content will be actualized. You won't need any updates to be up to date.

    We hope you enjoy exploring the historic city of Freiburg!

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