Galveston Historic Hotels




    Hotel Galvez & Spa, Queen of the Gulf: This 25-minute tour tells the rich history of Galveston and how the majestic Hotel Galvez has shared in the island’s journey. Listeners will enjoy a personal trip through memorable tales of not only the city, but the hotel’s role in legendary events. Details on the architecture, history and restoration of the hotel are shared; along with insight into the dedication of the hotel’s current owners and the future preservation of this National treasure. This application offers compelling narrative complete with historic photos of Galveston and the hotel.

    Hotel Galvez and Its Ghosts: This 20-minute tour shares the story of “The Ghost Bride,” (our most famous long-term guest), as well as lesser known tales and first-hand accounts of staff and visitors. This audio guide is the ideal prologue to some of our more enduring guests and stories are told in light-hearted yet intriguing way guaranteed to hold the interest of the believer and skeptic alike. This application offers playful narrative, historic images of the hotel, and a few treasured photos submitted by guests over the years.

    Scrollable images, numeric keypad entry and the keyword search function enable you to access each tour anyway you wish.

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