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    Using GeoFind, you can find where you parked your car, your campsite, or that fishing spot in the middle of a lake. Whereever it is, GeoFind will take you back. Flag it and find it with GeoFind.

    To find your way back, turn on GeoFind, set a flag, and turn GeoFind off. Later, turn GeoFind back on, tap the green button, and follow the arrow back to the flag.
    As well as the basic functions, GeoFind has extended operations that provide for

    -Saving, retrieving, and deleting flags on permanent storage.
    - Getting latitude, longitude, and address information about the flags.
    - Tapping the screen to get latitude, longitude, and address information for the point tapped.
    - Setting a flag at the point tapped.
    - Entering an address, city name, airport code, or landmark name to retrieve a list of up to three addresses that match the search criteria entered.
    - Selecting an address from the list to move the map to that location.

    By using the extended functions, you can find out how far away places of interest are and in what direction. Find out how far you are from the Forbidden City in China. Find out which direction and how far away the Eiffel Tower is from where you are standing right now. You can locate a previously visited place, set a flag, and save the flag for later use. Not only can you find your way back, you can have fun exploring with GeoFind.

    Other Uses of GeoFind:

    You can use basic mode (flag your current position) and explore mode (extended operations) for more than finding your car. A couple of scenarios follow:

    Visiting an amusement park? Flag your parking spot and save it. As you tour the park, turn on GeoFind and set the flag and save it at the park entrance and the rides as you reach them. Flag your meeting spot and save it. Retrieve the flags to return to the flagged points.

    Use the map drag and zoom to find a ride you haven't been to yet. Screen tap the ride and set the flag. Then display the direction pointer to find out which way to go to get there.

    Out hiking and you’re not sure where you are? Use GeoFind to locate your current position. Zoom in and out and drag the map around. Find a place nearby that you recognize. Turn on screen tap and tap the place you found. Select 'Set Flag'. Then turn on the direction pointer. Follow the arrow to the place you flagged.

    Stuck somewhere and need help? Not sure exactly where you are? Use the basic operation to flag your current position. Then use Flag Info to get your exact latitude and longitude. Call for help and tell who you call where you are. (Google Earth ® and Google Maps ® will accept the decimal format displayed by GeoFind.)

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