Geoportal Mobile




    Geoportal Mobile enables:
    • Access to spatial data services,
    • Browsing and locating cadaster parcels,
    • Adding services, choice of various maps,
    • Searching for geographical objects including address points.

    This app enables user viewing maps and provides him the following functions:
    • In Case of Emergency (ICE) – allows the user to send an SMS with the notification of an emergency to a selected person
    • Map window navigation – changing map extent based on users action (pan, zoom in, zoom out)
    • Viewing tiled services – displaying maps showing their contents as map tiled services,
    • Adding external WMS services – this service allows user to add map content by adding WMS services.
    • Searching for address, parcels, geodesy groundwork points – a chosen address or parcel will be displayed in map window.
    • Measure length – measures the length of a line drawn on map,
    • Measure area – enables measurement of area or outline of a drawn polygon,
    • Current location – allows user to share his current position or the selected location as the link to the application displaying coordinates on the map,
    • Registering and saving track – enables user registering and tracking his own track on a map based on GPS signal.
    • Recording and saving route - user can record and track his own route on the map based on the GPS signal, as well as save it, display in application, and send as KML file,
    • Display point on the map - points to the location on a map based on coordinates in the selected mapping,
    • Identification of addresses, localities, and parcels - using gesture Long Press (long press) on the map, you can download information about the objects in the specified point.

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