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    Global Nuclear Watch ::PRO's review

    Published: 2013-06-07, by Peter Warrior.

    GNW:Basic displays up to date radiation measurements.

    • Free with ads
    • Adequate geographical coverage
    • Overall, no complaints

    "Five minutes to midnight"

    First, a short disclaimer. GNW is not a game where you nuke countries. When you run the app, look for your current location. The app searches the nearest sensor and shows whatever it has to show. The nearest sensor usually is the nearest nuclear power plant, so be prepared to remind how close it is.

    Mundane people would find quite difficult to understand what the numbers mean, so there's a understandable explanation of each measure and what are the harmless limits. You can access to that sensor's graphics and location, in case you want to check that things aren't getting worse, through a useful user interface.

    Maybe the result is somewhat paranoid, because the radioactivity dial gauge (a sort of Geiger counter) marks to yellowish green so I don't know if it's better to bury myself underground or continue as if nothing was happening and I haven't ever downloaded Global Nuclear Watch. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, this app also aims to raise awareness about how exposed we are to nuclear radiation and how close we are to a potential source of trouble.

    In the meanwhile, a proper app if you take current times into consideration, and a smart use for our beloved Android devices. This Pro version gets you rid of ads and allows to place a widget on your desktop, in addition to help Ag-3 a little bit to investigate and develop further.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 07, 2013


    ✔ More than 2,000 radioactivity monitoring stations from Japan and central Europe. ★ Widget included! Monitor your places' nuclear radiation levels. ☆ Global places search included. Currently data from JP, NO, DE, AT, CH and LI.



    •1.1 Tips

    To facilitate the usage of GNWs useful features a help window will appear when using the app. This function can be turned off easily.

    •1.2 common usage

    The geigercounter-like display enables you to easily retrieve and visually compare data values. Values may vary from „nano Sievert“ to „nano Gray“ (more details can be found on radiation info pages within the app).

    •1.3 Health

    Through a comparison chart on the one hand and comparison data on the other hand can help you put the data into context.

    •1.4 Edit watch list [PRO only]✔

    Adding, deleting and renaming the list entries is easily done, as well as reordering the watch list.

    •1.5 Global places search

    With the „find location“ function you can search for any geographical place in the world, e.g. MIT“ (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), „Fukushima“ (city in Japan) or „Berlin“ (capital of Germany).

    •1.6 Widget [PRO only]✔

    Stay up to date! For the places you want to monitor simply put your widget(s) to your home screen(s). Color, name (e.g. mum, darling) and place are freely configurable.

    •1.7 Units

    You can choose between metric and US-customary units. Further you can select if data is presented „per day“ or „per hour“ as well as between „nano“ or „micro“.

    •2 Map

    You can comfortably „walk“ across the globe with your fingers and choose among the displayed monitoring stations.

    •2.1 Geographical coverage

    Currently over 2,000 (2k) monitoring stations available from Japan, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

    •3 Data, Disclaimer

    We have no influence on the measurement stations, since they are run by third parties which publish their data. It is possible that data sources will be added in the future, and it is possible that some data sources may not be available in the future. We are collecting these data with a rational method and provide them to you with this app.

    If you are aware of additional monitoring stations that are publicly available, don't hesitate to let us know, may be we could integrate that data as well –

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