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    Gotogether - The Easiest Way to Save your World, Trip After Trip

    Our world is full of cars.
    Every day we face problems of traffic, continual increases in the price of gasoline, pollution of cities, and often only one person travels in one car.
    We have lots of ideas to solve these problems: we can connect all the people traveling into the same destination, use the same car to reach the same destination with a great mobile application that does all this.
    Gotogether is the solution.
    A few simple steps and you can use it easily:
    if you use as a passenger:

    - Sign in to gotogether
    - select hitch a ride
    - Insert your destination
    - Find all drivers on the map who are going into your direction
    - Send a request to a driver and wait for the answer
    - Wait for the driver and get on board
    - when you arrive at the destination give your code to your driver and pay directly with your gotogether account

    if you use it as a driver
    - Sign in to gotogether
    - select give a ride
    - Insert your destination
    - wait for requests from passengers
    - Check the info of your passenger, such as rating, destination, and distance from your current location
    - Offer a ride and pick up your passenger
    - Get your code from your passenger at the destination and get the money directly from their gotogether account

    gotogether offers plenty of benefits:
    for cities
    - Reduces pollution caused by cars
    - defeats traffic and
    - Reduces air and noise pollution

    It also offers benefits for passengers:
    - Reduces travel time
    - Offers low cost and quick travel in the city
    - Eliminates the problem of payment, even if you have no cash with you

    At the same time, drivers:
    - Save more than 50% of the cost per mile in a car
    - Gotogether eliminates discussions and negotiations over payment
    - Reduces traffic and increases the pleasure of driving
    - Allows you to meet new people

    Now no more excuses, start to save your world today!

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