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    With GPeaSe GPS Tracker, you can follow devices running the GPeaSe app from your computer at home in real time! In addition, GPeaSe allows you to track multiple devices at the same time and on the same map.

    GPeaSe Pro will transmit a new location point as often as every 10 seconds and also whenever the heading changes, this is fully customizable!

    REMEMBER: You need to have an internet subscription to use this app! This app only works on devices that have a SIM card - or unique IMEI number available.

    GPeaSe GPS Tracker runs in the background. You can put your device to sleep and it will continue tracking.

    GPeaSe Hidden is a special version of GPeaSe Pro. It has a different icon and appears to be a Battery Saver application. When the application is launched, it has no options. Only when the menu button is pressed will you be able to access the real GPeaSe Pro hiding underneath. You can then configure a password and autoboot.

    Ultimate Stealth Steps:
    1. Launch "Battery Saver Pro" after installation
    2. Press menu button on your phone
    3. Click "Open"
    4. Go to the Options tab
    5. Disable 'Beeps', Disable 'Update on heading change', Disable 'Use Cell-towers', Enable 'Auto boot', Enable 'Password protect' and enter a 4-digit password. Also enable 'Allow remote control'. Set the Update intervals to '1 minute' or slower.
    6. Click Save settings
    7. Go to the 'Tracking' tab and click Start GPS Tracking
    8. Press the 'Back' button on your phone to exit the application.
    9. Make sure GPS is enabled in the phone settings.
    10. GPeaSe Hidden will launch whenever the phone boots. It pretends to be a battery saver. Should the person try to access GPeaSe hiding beneath, he/she will have to enter the password.
    11. Using the website at you will be able to remotely view the location of the device as well as start and stop the app whenever you want.

    GPeaSe accepts NO responsibility for whoever uses this app for whatever purpose. We are not responsible if the app gets discovered - as it is very easy to find and it can also be uninstalled. Also remember that updates for GPeaSe Hidden will continue to be released - this causes Google Play to inform the user that an update is available and might reveal the app.

    When GPeaSe is running (service is active) the phone will consume a lot more battery than when it isn't. Make sure to stop GPeaSe whenever it is not needed.

    For more instructions, please check the Help tab in the app.

    There are three ways to track your device:

    Share your location from within the app. Simply click Share Location, generate a link and share it with all your friends from within the app. You can set a link expiry time, so that they can only follow your location for a preset amount of time.

    If you want to track your device permanently, you will need to go to and sign up for a free account. This takes only a minute. When done, log into your control panel and add as many devices as you want by entering the unique Device IDs of the devices running GPeaSe. You can now start tracking up to three devices at once.

    Anyone with GPeaSe Pro can track your location if you share your device ID with them. They don't need to register but can simply view your location from within the app. This can be found at the "Viewer" tab, only in GPeaSe Pro.

    -Your Speed
    -Estimated Address
    -Device Battery percentage

    New GPeaSe features:
    -Start and stop GPeaSe via the website using GPeaSe Premium
    -Start and stop GPeaSe via SMS using the commands gpease#on and gpease#off
    -GPeaSe Hidden - no longer shows an icon when running!
    -Integrated status information to determine why the tracker isn't transmitting
    -Password protect the app to prevent unauthorized changes
    -Automatically start the app when the phone boots
    -Share your location

    We are here to help! Please email if you have any problems.

    We recommend you try the free Lite version first, which has limited features.

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