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    The Silent Car Alarm is a GPS Vehicle tracking system. The system Track Vehicles, Show Route History, Generate Reports & More. We are one of the most reliable GPS tracking provider since 2000.

    This Silent Car Alarm tracking app allows you to track cars, lorrys, vans, cranes and any commercial fleet in Singapore and Malaysia. It is idea for car owners, spouses and businesses (Fleet management).

    Once installed, a username and password will be provided.
    You can then use this app and start your tracking.

    Tracking Features includes
    - Track and Locate your car 24 hours in Singapore and Malaysia.
    - Stop your car remotely (optional feature)
    - View historical routes (with a playback button)
    - Analyse multiple vehicle locations

    Receive Alerts (by SMS or email);
    - Speeding alerts, when vehicle exceed certain speed
    - Towing alerts, when vehicle is towed illegally
    - Geo-fencing alerts, when vehicle exit or enter selected locations or addresses (e.g SMS me each time vehicle enters within 500m of this location)

    Generate Report
    - Monthly speeding patterns of your drivers (ideal for fleet Owners)
    - Top Places visited by the vehicle
    - Total distance covered monthly by vehicle
    - Savings on Petrol/Mileage

    This service is powered by It is ideal for car owners travelling to Malaysia, Fleet Owners and Spouses. If you are a corporate user, this service can be used to claim for PIC (subject to terms).

    Before you can use the app, you need to purchase a tracking plan from Streetdirectory.

    Call our Silent Car Alarm Hotline at 65943554 or visit any of our re-sellers below to purchase and install the device (15 mins for installation)


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