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    GPS Fortaleza, Brazil

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    City Navigator Maps(c). Fortaleza, Brazil Offline GPS Navigator (Onboard GPS car directions navigator).
    Fortaleza, Brazil Offline GPS Navigator is a mobile navigation application with vector OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps. All map data (vector maps) is stored on the phone memory card for offline usage.

    Fortaleza, Brazil Offline GPS Navigator supports offline routing functionality including turn-by-turn voice guidance.
    Fortaleza, Brazil Offline car navigation system will display your position on a map (in bird-view mode) from GPS sensor data, and provides precise route calculation, touch screen functionality and supports Points of Interest (POI).

    Unlike other navigation systems, City Navigator Maps(c). Fortaleza, Brazil Offline GPS Navigator maps are rendered in real time from vector data.

    The app is completely offline and works without an internet connection.

    Main features of the app:

    - Complete offline functionality (store downloaded vector maps in the phone memory)
    - Compact offline HIGH DETAILED 17x ZOOM vector maps
    - GPX and navigation tracks support
    - Offline search for addresses and places (POIs)
    - Offline routing
    - Points of Interest, favorites, public transportation stops
    - Car, bicycle, and pedestrian modes
    - Day/Night view modes
    - Lane guidance, speed limit display
    - Speed-dependent map zooming
    - Map alignment according to compass
    - Spoken directions in many languages

    City Navigator Maps© contributes to and uses OSM and Wikipedia open source projects (

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