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    Updated. Never lose your car in the carpark again. Send yourself a message for work, or any other location, find your way back to your last known place.

    Find a good fishing hole? A nice place for a view? Record it with Location Finder and also record distance as the crow flies from your current location to saved location.

    Got to remember to call the client when you get to work? Ring a friend when you get home? Record it with the message system and when you arrive at your destination it will remind you.

    Whats the weather at your saved location? Just use the new weather tool to get up to date data. Want to add a place without knowing the Latitude and Longitude? Use the new search tool, just type in the address and click on the appropriate address.

    This program allows you to create and save waypoints, to record Latitude and Longitude and display how far you are from that point and in what direction it is so you can find your way home.

    Locations can also be stored in a database to use at a later time. Stored locations can be seen on your Google Maps as well. Google Maps shows the current location as well as a selected Stored Location and a line between the two.

    Although the database holds sample cities, it is developed more for use in the local area. The locations saved can also be tagged with a message that will automatically activate when you have reached your destination.

    As the coding is based around the GPS Change event you have to move it around when loading new locations, otherwise it doesn't fire.

    You can store a Temporary location, and find the distance back to it or store it permanently into a database with a name.

    As the GPS sucks up battery life when you want to keep the location for a while I would store the current location to the Database, turn off the program and when you want to find your way back load it up again to get a fix.

    YOU NEED TO WAVE IT AROUND SOMETIMES TO GET A FIX. The code only fires when the GPS coordinates are changed. Initially I would put it down and wait for a fix and nothing would happen. Such is life with GPS.

    Distance is in KMs and Miles.

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