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    GPS TripHelper is one of the most complete GPS app in the market, incorporating more than 30 functions, some of them are totally innovative.


    -Anti-Sleep: A completely new feature for smartphones developped by FibularSoft and incorporated in this app, whose mission is to prevent and detect sleep when driving. we must first check box in the menu in order to enable this feature. Later, to activate/deactivate, simply click on the screen. Then, your phone will ask you questions about simple mathing that will make your mind remains active. Answer true/false by simply tilting the phone down/up. If no answer, then launch a warning, asking if we are ok and vibrating. If wrong answers, a voice will tell us this, vibrating too. It's recommended a bracelet to answer, freeing the driver of handling the phone completely. In this case, separating or approaching the arm of the body slightly, we can easily answer these questions. Please, note that the use of this function may be illegal in your country. So, be sure of the legality of their use while driving BEFORE using it.
    -Rescue, capable of sending our position (longitude and latitude) up to 4 phone numbers in case you suffer an accident. Also sends the time at which we have requested assistance: select an alarm interval(eg 2 min). By stopping our vehicle, will begin a countdown. If during this period our car runs again, the timer will reload with those two minutes. If the countdown reaches 0, then your phone sends the message to preset numbers.
    (dry road)
    -Safe distance, graphic/number representation. It also paints a realistic perspective of a green car located at the distance.
    -Brake distance, the same but using a red car
    -Brake time, the time it would take to stop our vehicle
    -Safe time, the time that we should take between the vehicle in front and ours.
    -Higher Display: Displays rotating 17 real time functions
    -Central Display: Statistic parameters such as average/max speed, max/min altitude, departure time, and if happen, shows 4 Alert types
    -Number of satellites available (in use)
    -Number of satellites in view (not yet in use)
    -Graphical representation of all satellites with their quality of reception
    -Error in the precision of the satellite signal
    -Distance traveled in kilometers.
    -Trip chronometer
    -G-Force, indicating the resultant of the three spatial directions.
    -Lights on function, with automatic detection of nightfall
    -Inclination of the vehicle with graphical and numerical representation expressed in%
    -Tilt of the vehicle
    -Speaker to listen to messages from antisleep function
    -Speed in km/h or miles/h. If we select a speed limit, if exceeding it, that area will blink red and shows visual and acoustic limit alert
    -Altitude, in meters above sea level. Also flashs and sounds if exceeding
    -Clock. Flashes red if we drive over time specified
    -Compass, indicating north by red hand, and degrees
    -Resting function, with recommendation of resting when driving too long
    -Route recording.
    -Battery level.

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