GTHY Rentals




    Glad To Have You is the first and only fully customizable mobile platform designed specifically for vacation rental management companies, hotels, and resorts. The explosive growth in mobile and social technology is revolutionizing industry after industry – and vacation rentals are no exception.

    It’s now possible for companies and resorts to operate and communicate with guests more efficiently, and more profitably than ever imagined.

    And for guests, it’s like providing a personalized concierge and tour guide wherever they go, without the cheesy jokes and gratuities. Guests get lost in the good times of a vacation and not the worries of finding the best restaurants, the coolest events, and the greatest deals on shopping and activities. They’ll know your vacation properties provide beach chairs for guests, that dive-looking seafood place around the corner has the best crab cakes in town, and not to bother with the singing mermaid show at the children’s museum.

    By unpacking the power of the Glad to Have You platform, guests leave the baggage of vacation planning and accommodation logistics at home; all they really need to pack is their iPhone and a change of swim trunks.

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