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    Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens is the application for smartphone (Android) that provides information on locations, facilities and events in the park with GPS.
    This application is offered for a limited time.

    Main features

    It allows you to track where you are in the park.It also guides you through the park. With Map, you can find the locations of animals you would like to see in the zoo park area, and attractions you would like to go to in the amusement park area. Also, Map helps you to locate service facilities, such as toilets and shops.
    The spot which wants to go can be set as the destination, or the spot to worry can be registered into a favorite.

    [Car Map]
    Register the location of your car with Car Map before entering the park, and you can easily locate your car when you go back to the car.
    Moreover, a point can be transmitted to car navigation using the application "NaviCon" of Denso.

    The contents of event information or the notice can be checked.

    [Useful Features]
    Search Map
    If you come with your family or friends, use Search Map to locate them. It also allows you to share information, such as meeting places and present locations, with your family or friends by exchanging IDs to create a group.
    ※Sharing of position information cannot be performed in the application before Ver1.2.0, and the application after Ver2.0.0.
    Please use after updating to the latest version.

    Stamp Rally
    The stamp rally which utilized GPS can be enjoyed inside the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

    You can view the listed spots added to the Favorites or check them on the MAP.

    Supported OS
    Android OS 4.4-8.0

    Supported devices
    Devices running Android 4.4- Android 8.0
    *This application can be installed on other Android devices, but not all of them are tested.
    English,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese

    We make every effort to ensure that the contents in the application are up to date. However, the map information or the facilities information on the application may be different from those in the park.

    Plan developer:Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, TOYOTA MAPMASTER INCORPORATED

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