Hirado Tou




    Hirado Tourism navigation provides map-based GPS navigation to various sightseeing spots and information on lodging, cuisine, and tourist attractions in the Hirado areas in Nagasaki Prefecture.

    Tour Navi has fun, useful content and information so you can enjoy your trip even more, including information on the latest events, travel course recommendations based on age and gender, an album-making function to commemorate your visits to various areas, and a series of stamp rallies.

    Main Functions

    ・Sightseeing spot look-up by category
     Tourist attraction information
    Lodging and hot springs information
     Restaurant and local cuisine information
     Souvenir information
     Information on your current location
     Transportation and lifestyle information
     Toilet and parking lot information
     Coupon information
     Travel reservation function
    ・Map-based GPS sightseeing spot navigation
    ・Event information
    ・Travel planning
    ・AR-based sightseeing information
    ・Stamp rallies
    ・Album creation
    ・Save your favorites
    ・SNS link-up
    ・Multilingual support
    ・Phrase guide

     ・Content information is updated frequently.
     ・Search and map functions require an internet connection.

     ・This application includes features which use your current location; please turn on your smartphone's GPS function. Please also allow location information on your phone's camera in order to use the Memory Album function.

     Content information is current as of March 1, 2012.
     Be aware that content information may be revised or amended.

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