Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet




    Search and find all the charms of Hiroshima!
    Want to arrange trip in your style? “Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet” is a perfect app for you.

    What is “Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet”?
    “Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet” is smartphone app that offers you various tourist information of Hiroshima prefecture. It is useful for all people who are just about to travel and also for those who wants to visit Hiroshima in the near future.

    “Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet” provides you information on sightseeing, restaurant, leisure spots including name of sites and location.
    GPS function will provide you map of your current location and guide you to your destination. Users can write review and share information.

    You can get tourist information of Hiroshima with fingertip operation.

    What ‘s Hiroshima?
    Area Guide, Hiroshima’s local food, Messages from foreigners living in Hiroshima
    Search your destination
    Search by activity, Search by area, Select the distance from your present location, Search by key word,
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    Hazard map

    Internet access is necessary for use of “Hiroshima QUEST For Tablet”.
    Turn on GPS function of your smart phone to search information from your current location. Otherwise results will not be shown.
    Contents would be updated based upon your opinion.

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