Holidayen Rome

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    Holidayen Rome is the first fully automatic travel itinerary planner and city guide for Rome. In just seconds, you can create

    perfect itineraries for your trip with daily map routes for easy navigation.

    Our recommendation engine provides automatic recommendations on things to do and see in Rome, along with a detailed list

    of available hotels, and our automatic itinerary generator creates a daily route for easy navigation.

    Offline mode supported: No data plan? No problem! You can save trips on your phone and access them even without

    wireless or mobile data plan (unless using map-mode)

    The app includes following features

    • Description, contact details, photos, location and rating of all major sights and other things to see in Rome
    • Description, contact details, photos, and booking options of major activities and other things to do in Rome
    • Description and booking options for all major hotels in the city
    • Automatic recommendations for sights, activities and hotels
    • Maps of all sights, activities and hotels
    • Automatic itinerary generation with optimized route
    • Automatic map of daily route
    • Editable daily route for personalizing itinerary
    • Save personalized trip on phone for quick view
    • Saved trips accessible without internet! (data only used in Map mode)