This interactive hotel information system guides user through the list of services the specific hotel can provide.
    The system includes the following functionality:
    - general information about the hotel;
    - list of available rooms with detailed description;
    - list of facilities and/or services within the hotel;
    - list of special offers;
    - list of useful phone numbers;
    - photo gallery;
    - push notifications;
    - Facebook and Twitter share;
    - offline city map and POI
    - News
    - Weather
    - Events
    - Loyalty

    Application is supplied with convenient interactive features. Each web or email address as well as phone numbers mentioned in the system can be clicked for immediate browsing or sending or calling.

    Content for the application is stored locally and must be downloaded only once. Further updates can be done only when needed. The content can be easily modified using the HotelinPocket CMS system.

    More information about the HotelinPocket platform for rapid development of mobile apps for hotels could be found on our website:

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