■ Overview
    The iNaviTour App is a portal app for browsing a cross-section of the contents created on the iNaviTour platform.

    iNaviTour is an SNS-style tourism app platform designed to allow tourism enthusiasts, grassroots tourism volunteers, tourism organizations, and anyone around the world easily create their own original tourism application, and share it with anyone, all for free.

    ■ Main features
    ・ Video-playing features
    - Will read in QR codes with the camera and play

    ・ Spot-searching features
    - We will display tourist spots using AR features
    - We will display the tourist spots by category with the list-displaying feature
    - We will display the tourist spot closest to your current location with the map-displaying feature

    ・Course features
    - We will suggest recommended courses for each tourist spot

    ・SNS feature (tweets)
    - We will search for and display word-of-mouth from each tourist spot

    ・Travel diary feature
    - We will collect your tweets and your follower's tweets together in a diary.
    - If you narrow down with the map, you can know the impressions of the people who actually went to the place.

    ■ Warning
    ・ To use this application, a 3G environment or an environment with connection is necessary.
    ・ This application uses information about your previous location (GPS )
    ・ About AR features, in iNaviTour the AR features are made possible by "junaio Plugin" provided by Metaio company.

    When you become a member of iNaviTour, you can create your original sightseeing application.
    You can make public within the iNaviTour application the sightseeing application of your creation.
    To become a member, please sign up and register from following membership registration page.