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    All in one Indian Rail or Indian Train information.

    Indian Rail gives you complete and maximum set of features required for travelers in Indian Railways.

    Below are glimpse of Indian Rail / Indian Train features:

    1. Local including
    a) Passenger trains,
    b) Express trains,
    c) Jan shatabdi trains,
    d) Shatabdi trains,
    e) Rajdhani trains,
    f) Duronto trains,
    g) Garib rath trains,
    h) Intercity trains,
    i) Superfast trains,
    j) MEMU, EMU,
    k) DMU,
    l) Suburban trains,
    m) Holiday special trains,
    n) MMTS,
    o) Mail express trains
    p) Luxury trains

    supported now.

    2. No need to check confirm ticket manually. This app will do it for you. It checks when confirm tickets are available for all the trains between two given stations.
    3. Running status of train / rail.
    4. No need to check PNR Manually. Use PNR Alert. PNR Alerts only when state changes.
    5. Call Cab for some cities.
    7. Know train numbers by just typing few characters of train.
    8. Get and save PNR status.
    9. Book tickets via SMS (Pay via Zipcash).
    10. PNR Status (SMS).
    11. Get Indian Train Schedule (SMS).
    12. Indian Rail Seat Availability (SMS).
    13. Train Between Stations (SMS).
    14. Indian Rail Seat Map.
    15. Find trains between two stations.
    16. Get Indian Rail fare details.
    17. Area Pin codes.
    18. Know Indian rail schedules / timetable.
    19. Get PNR status.
    20. Know about Indian Rail seat / ticket availability.

    Other apps presents the data as it is, but we process the data to present most useful information.

    Differentiating features:

    1. Confirm rail ticket:
    It provides the information, when you can get confirmed rail tickets. It has three configurations for availability.

    a) Confirm for all trains: Suppose there are 10 trains between two stations, it will give confirmed ticket information for all the 10 trains. As expected it will take more time as we need to search all trains.
    b) Confirm for selected train: To reduce the time in first option, user can select out of all the running trains between stations.
    c) Availability for given date: It will just search for the availability for given date.

    It has two configurations for confirmation
    a) RAC/Available: We will assume RAC also as available in search.
    b) Available: Only fully confirm will be considered in search.

    2. PNR notification:
    You can configure the application to get PNR notification. Whenever the PNR status will change, it will notify you based on the time frequency you configured. No more hassles to do it again manually.

    It has three configurations to save your money.
    a) WIFI: PNR status request will be sent only when your device will be in WIFI.
    b) Mobile: PNR status request will be sent only when your device will be in mobile network (2G/3G/4G etc...).
    c) Any: PNR status request will be sent irrespective of type of network (WIFI or Mobile).

    3. SMS services:
    It helps to the user who doesn't have internet access. We format the SMS for you. You don't need to remember the format/operator for message. To use this service, Service providers charge for SMS that which will apply to User.
    a) Get PNR status
    b) Trains between stations
    c) Availability
    d) Get train schedule
    e) Book tickets via SMS (Pay via Zipcash)

    4. Call Cab

    5. Running Train status:
    User can get the live status of running train.

    6. Get PNR status:
    You can get the PNR status. We store your PNR number so that you don't need to enter number again and again. You can view saved PNR status from app.

    7. Station code and train number:
    Now you don't need to remember station code and train number, just enter few characters of your station or train, we will provide you station code and train number. This feature doesn't require Internet connection.

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