This is the new version of the Indian Railway offline time tabl application.

    This application works without internet connection.

    1. Check trains between stations for day or week.
    2. Check passing by trains
    3. Check train route given train number
    4. Search for trains by name.
    5. PNR status
    6. Seat map
    7. Offline and online fares
    8. Coach position and platform information
    9. Link to NTES site or app
    10. Indian railway inquiry numbers

    This application works offline, in the sense once you downloaded this application and downloaded the database, you will be able to check train time table without being connected to internet. This will be useful when you are travelling by train and there is no connectivity. People who do not have netpack in their mobile devices also can use this. Searching the trains will be very faster because the information is available locally.

    Save time and money by having the information at your fingertips anytime you need.

    Save paper by using the electronic ( easily searchable) time table instead of paper book.

    Plan your travel in style by using well arranged information (easily accessible) at your fingertips.

    Be of help to elderly and less privileged ( may have an Android phone but may not have internet connectivity) by downloading this application and database and educating them on how to use this application.

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