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    Bilingual conversation guide VOX Italiano-Spagnolo / Español-Italiano ideal for travellers. A useful tool to fulfil the language needs we usually have in a foreign country. Phrases are classified by topics, so that you can find them quickly whenever you need.

    It includes subjects as numbers, dates, the time, greetings and farewells, customs, travelling by plane, train, boat or car, subway, bus and taxi, how to ask for directions, tourist information, hotels, restaurants, shopping, pharmacies, medical emergencies, accidents, police reports, currency exchange, post office, phone, photos and video, nightclubbing, tours and excursions, at the beach, at the mountain and in the city,…


    Phrasebook features:

    • No Internet connection required: simply download the app once and use it on your Android device without any additional expenses.
    • Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort (Menu -> Settings).
    • Search History for the last 50 entries.
    • Add phrasebook entries and phrases to Favorites (maximum 100 entries).


    About VOX

    VOX imprint has a deep know how in Spanish language lexicography, but also in bilingual dictionaries to other languages.
    Our range of Spanish dictionaries covers the specific needs of users from primary school through secondary and higher education, without forgetting the general dictionary buying public.
    We make lexicographical research (new words and senses, use of Spanish language in Latin America) to help us create panhispanic dictionaries.

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