iTourNavi is by using the position information of the smartphone, Open Data, attractive information of each Area, offers such as disaster prevention information.
    Top cover, photos of high freshness latest information will be aired.

    Now blooming flower information,
    Attractive information,
    Event Information,
    Disaster Information,
    Toilet information available in a wheelchair,
    Emergency medical information,
    Stage information that novel/manga/light novel appeared,
    it offers the information.

    All information, so you can route guidance from the current location / attractions, you can move with confidence to the first place.

    [Radius 500m Search]
    Derived quickly from the current position.
    1tap, it will show the nearest information from the current location.
    Attractive information and to find the shelter information also for the first time visited person then smoothly guided to the destination.

    [Routing assistance]
    From the current location and tourist spot, I can route guidance of the car and walk.

    [Anyone immediately easy to use]
    Flowers information and disaster information etc, all in the same way, it will guide you in an easy-to-understand.

    Spot coming out to the novel and manga
    ["Book of data that Kyoto comes out" by Shishomarohan]
    ["Historical novel was to stage the Warring States Period" by GanGanToshokan]

    Open data "disaster information"
    Kyoto, Nara City, Hainan City etc, it is navigation was open data of "disaster information".

    [facebook, twitter, e-mail collaboration]
    At the touch of a button, facebook, twitter, e-mail, you can tweet your favorite information.

    Our Town We are also recruiting area also from time to time that want to join the "i2navi".
    Visit the Web site for details.

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