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    Jakarta Raya Map-Alastua...

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    TS Go! Jakarta Raya (Jakarta) is a FULL and OFFLINE Tourist map of Jakarta Raya, Indonesia. Some cities included in this version: Jakarta, Alastua, Alfa Indah, Ancek, Ancol, Ancol Barat, Ancol Timur... And many more!

    Everything you need in a trip in your phone. Beaches, theme parks, stunning landscapes, museums, hotels, restaurants... And if you have an emergency on your trip: nearby hospitals and other essential points of interest.

    The free full version “TS Go! Catalonia” is available for you to try this app before buying it. DOWNLOAD TS Go! Catalonia FREE.

    In your phone you will see a map showing your current position, and all the interesting places around you. You won’t need anything more! And remember, everything in this app is OFFLINE, so you don’t need to care about the annoying roaming cost.

    Characteristics of the TS Go! maps:

    • GPS positioning. It shows your position, and the real distance to the point you want to visit.
    • Connectivity with Google Maps and Navigation.
    • Map of cities and entire regions completely OFFLINE.
    • Hundreds of points of interest in each city:
    - Museums
    - Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, camping and caravans
    - Parks and monuments.
    - Natural Viewpoints and amazing landscapes
    - Theme parks and zoos
    - Restaurants of all kinds
    - Pubs
    - Beaches
    - Coffeehouses
    - Stores of all kinds
    - Supermarkets
    - Nearby hospitals
    - Banks and ATMs
    • Information on public transport of the most important cities.
    • Share points of interest via Facebook and / or email.

    Some cities included in this version:
    Anekaelok Angke Angkejaya Anjol Antjak Antjek Antjol Asem Babakan Balekambang Balimester Bamboeapoes 1 Bamboekoening Bamboelarangan Bamboeramngan Bambuapus Bambuapus Satu Bambuasri Bambukuning Bambularangam Bambularangan Bamburamngan Bandan Bandengan Bangliauw Bantardjati Bantarjati Bantenan Baroe 1 Baroe 2 Baru Baru 1 Basmol Batavia Batuampar Beacukai Belekambang Bendoengan 1 Bendoengan-djambon Bendoenganmelajoe Bendungan Bendungan Dua Bendungan Hilir Bendungan Satu Bendungan Tiga Bendungan-djambon Bendungan-jambon Bendungan-udik Dua Bendungan-udik Satu Bendungandempet Bendunganjago Bendunganmelaju Bendunganmelayu Bendunganmelayu Selatan Berlan Berok Betingan Bidara Bidaracina Bidaratjina Bintaro Blokasin Bodjong Bodjong 1 Bodjongrongkong Bodjongrongkong-boelak Bodjongrongkong-bulak Bodjongrongkong-taeo Boearan Boearan 1 Boearan 2 Boearantloengoep Boegis Boekitdoeri Boelak Boelak 1 Bojong Bojong Satu Bojongrangkong Bojongrongkong Bojongrongkong-bulak Bojongrongkong-taeo Buaran Buaran Dua Buarancilungup Buarantlungup Bugis Bukitduri Bukitpermai Bulak Bulak 1 Bulakbaru Bulakcabe Bulakindah Bulaksere Bumimalakpermai Bungur Cakung Cakung Barat Cakung-bojongrongkong Cantiga Cawang Cawang Baru Cawang Dua Cawang II Cawang Satu Ceger Cempaka Baru Cempakaputih Cempakaputih Barat Cempakaputih Dua Cempakaputih Timur Cempakaputihindah Cempakaputin Cengkareng Cengkareng Belakang Cengkarengindah Cibubur Cibuburindah Cideng Cideng-baru Cidodol Ciganjur Cijantung Cijentung Satu Cikarang Cikini Cikoko Cilandak Cilangkap Cilangkap Satu Cililitan Cililitan Satu Cililitan-besar Dua Cililitan-besar Satu Cililitanbesar Cililitankecil Cilincing Cilincing 2 Cilincing Dua Cilincing Satu Cilincing Tiga Cilitan Cilitankecil Cilungup Cilungup Dua Cilungup Satu Cipayung Cipayung Dua Cipedak Cipete Cipete-udik Cipinang Cipinang Dua Cipinang Satu Cipinang Tengah Cipinang Timur Cipinang-baru Cipinangbali Cipinangbarubundar Cipinangbesar Selatan Cipinangcempedak Cipinangempang Cipinangindah Cipinangkebembem Cipinanglatihan Cipinanglontar Cipinangmelayu Cipinangmuara Cipinangpulo Cipondoh Cipondoh...

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