Japanese HIRAGANA Free




    Smart phone application program that knows and learns Japan that overcome that earthquake.

    Let's learn "Hiragana" and "Japanese culture" to improve the skill.

    What is "Japanese HIRAGANA Free"?

    1) It is a learning textbook that is "Writes"
    It's possible for everyone to understand the stroke order intuitively.
    The character can be written according to the sample.
    You can erase it and write it easily. You can practice as many as you can.

    2) It is a learning textbook that is "Listening".
    This app can be pronounce.
    Not only "あ,い" but also "あ,い,う,え,お" each other can be pronounce.
    Furthermore, you can listen to the name of the introduced Japanese culture.

    3) It can know the Japanese culture.
    The hiragana 46 characters and 46 Japanese cultures are introduced.
    The picture and the illustration help your image. You can enjoy learning.
    In addition, if the explanation is read, the history and the origin, etc. can be understood as well.

    4) Other feature
    The character such as buttons changes according to the setting of the language of the terminal.
    The Japanese culture and the version of the sightseeing spot are scheduled to be released sequentially.

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