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    Joy.Eearth is a contour map of 250 countries created by self.
    As most map apps do not use online maps(Google Maps), To go to an area where communication is not available,
    You do not have to worry about capturing Google maps.
    It is also very useful to try foreign travel.
    Digital map (10% capacity compared to image map): Google Map is image.
    Offline map (no data communication required): Google map is online.
    Contour map (required for Outdoor activist-trekking, riding, travelling, boating): MapsMe not support
    Over 1,000 trekking courses are included by default. (GHT-Great Himalaya Trail, Annapurna, Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt.Kinabalu, Milford)
    You do not need to find a trail file of the required trekking course.
    Already 15 years have been working as follows.
    If you do not have the trail you want, please contact me and I will work immediately. (

    Easy to use. (The TrackSave menu is the only menu needed for trekking. The rest is a menu to use before or after trekking)
    You can save your track by connecting to our servers, download track from the PC program, and analyze the track.
    In addition, track can be shared among friends.
    With the notes and photos feature, After a trekking/travel, If use the playstory function to see the track like a movie. You can boast a trip to a friend.
    A beep sounds when you go out the trail.
    If you install the app and see the manual, you can get detailed instructions such as route setting and playstory demonstration.

    Support trekking course and offline contour map.
    1. Nepal : GHT-Great Himalaya Trail, Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, Khumbu, KalaPatthar, Langtang
    2. Korea : Baekdudaegan and other 4,000 moutains
    3. Japan : Mt.fuji, Mt.guju, NorthernAlps(Mt.okuhotaka, Mt.tate), Southern_Alps(Mt.kita), Mt.dai, Tsushima(Mt.Ariake) and other 300 moutains
    4. China : PaektuSan, Mt.Gongga, Laoshan, Mt.MeiliJokul, Bonghwangsan, 3River, Sanqingshan, Shanghai, Siguniangshan(DaguniangPeak), Emeishan, Mt.JadeDragon,Hodohyeop, Zhangjiajie, Tianshan, Taishan, Mt.Haffa, Huoshan, Huangshan and other 50 moutains
    5. Taiwan : Yushan, Alishan, Dabaijianshan, Xueshan
    6. Malaysia : Mt.Kinabalu, Trusmadi, Mulu
    7. Mongolian : Mt.Tsetseegun, Ulaanbaatar, Murun, Ulaangom, Altai
    8. Vietnam : Mt.Phangxipang, Hanoi, Danang
    9. Indonesia : Mt.Rinjani, Mt.Agung, Denpasar, Mataram, Bali, Lombok
    10. Thailand : Phuket
    11. Philippines : Mt.Apo, Mt.Pulag, Mt.Pinatubo, Manilna, boracay, Cebu, Baguio, Batangas
    12. India : Papsura, Indrasan
    13. HongKong : DragonsBack, Lantau
    14. America : Denali, JohnMuirTrail, AppalachianTrail, BrightangelTrail, AngelsLandingTrail, FallTrail, HalfdomeTrail, QueensgardenTrail, NavajoTrail, Guam, Sipan
    15. Canada : SixglaciersTrail, EmeraldTrail, LarchValleyTrail, SkylineTrail, BaldHillsTrail
    16. Argentina : Mt.Aconcagua
    17. Switzerland : TMB(Trekking MontBlanc), Matterhorn, Jungfrau
    18. Itery : TMB(Trekking MontBlanc), Dolomiti
    19: France : TMB(Trekking MontBlanc)
    20. Spain : Camino(Frances), Camino(Mozarabe)
    21. Sweden : Kungsleden
    22. Russian : Mt.Elbrus
    23. NewZealand : Milford
    24. Australia : Sydney,Canberra, Brisbane,GoldCoast, Melbourne, Cairns
    25. Tanzania : Mt.Kilimanjaro

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