Kansas City Uncovered

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    Kansas City is best known for barbecue, jazz, Harry Truman and dozens of beautiful fountains. But it's also home to James Beard Award winning chefs, really big spiders and shuttlecocks, and the National World War I Museum.

    From a steamboat buried in the Missouri River and a crime boss who was buddies with the president to Walt Disney's first studio and the invention of the cup holder in movie theater seats, KC has some great stories to tell.

    Play baseball with the Negro Leagues and shoot hoops where the NCAA was founded. Dance in a public fountain. Take a gondola ride. Drink a beer at Missouri's largest American-owned brewery. Ponder those hair curlers on the convention center.

    This guide gives you the facts, as well as a little sass and trash talk as only longtime residents of the city can provide. Who would you ask about the controversial newspaper ad for the Blueberry Margaritas or what services Count Basie received at the Phoenix Jazz Bar?

    You would ask locals who know and love their home it despite all of its warts and tiaras. This is not the polished, sanitized Kansas City. This is the real Kansas City, a Midwestern Gem.

    ★ About the Authors ★

    Diana Lambdin Meyer and her husband/photographer Bruce Meyer have lived in Kansas City for more than 25 years, first covering the news of the city, shooting the sports scene, exploring the corporate world a bit, and simply living their lives. These are the places and the stories we think are fun, distinct and memorable in Kansas City.

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