Karuizawa temperature

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    * "Karuizawa temperature" is

    Temperatures are displayed in real time on your cell phone in Karuizawa.

    Even in Hokkaido to Okinawa, even if, even in the room, can be seen immediately at hand.
    Is OK but even abroad.

     * How can this

    Unlike the weather site, displayed in real time so that at this very moment, you can plan the timing of the road without moving from your room.

    Drain water to prevent freezing of the villa, you can see the timing of turning on the heater, such as prevention.

    If you go to the villa, ready dressed, whether you need studded tires, is an indication of one of the other.

    We are acting as a widget, you can immediately see the screen without having to always start.

    I enjoy surprising gaps, a number of objective rather than perceived.

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