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    I have created to entertain our residents in Karuizawa realistic.It is an application of what dark with a difference and so-called commercial application based tourism.Of course, I also enjoy this app inhabitants of Karuizawa.

    Version 5.0

    1 Introduction. Topic
    I got to get the information and events in addition to the spot. (Current data is small, we will increase sequentially.)
    Changes 2.GUI
    It is a small change. It is about the color has changed.
    3 results sort button.
    Sort button is entered as an item in the top of the search results screen. Icon, I'm good, sort of location is now available.

    Version 4.0
    One. GUI has been changed. Corresponds to the view tab and flick, and easy-to-use search history is now obvious.
    2. As can be seen in the group became the new messages feature button groups.

    Version 3.0
    A. Group feature has been added. Please use it to communicate in family tourism while there was a group of care.

    Version 2.5
    A. Concier function
    By tapping the icon of Louisa Chan, I had concier screen is displayed, the screen will open also concier By tapping the center mark.

    Two. Memory function
    Since there is a button "Memories" on the screen concier, tap this button.

    Three. With a direction to the traffic jam was reported.
    Click on the center mark, information is now possible to input congestion. Too much from the street, when thinking, "congestion of the upstream", that in accordance with the center mark on the road congestion, to tap the button on the direction congestion, traffic jam information is now available for input.

    Four. Was easier to use the cache function of change in the splash screen. Put a processing interruption, interruption is possible. Out the detail screen from the main screen to interrupt, the image has not been cached will be cached, so here, have been rising and mitigation, the inconvenience of the operation.

    Five. And if the center mark, spot image overlap, I had to do to display priority to spot.

    6. Because it was not successful switching of tracking mode and scroll mode, has been revised.

    Version 2.2
    In this new version, and your contribution to the user's traffic congestion information from people who, let's away to share traffic information with everyone! ! Has a feature called Tsukekuwawari. When you open the configuration page by tapping the shell Louisa Chan, traffic information will be written. Is already built-in features of the secret that is now actually start. We will tell it from being implemented this feature, stay tuned. Description page available

    Since you would be discussed later, but please look forward to but! ! So, thank you both tourism future apps in Karuizawa.
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
    We have released a version 2 release.
    Changes in Version 2

    Main screen
    A. At the top, the search has gone and we have to change the "Search" button in the upper left.
    Two. Now the button "Search Results" button "Move".
    Three. "You are here icon" image character is now in Karuizawa, Louisa Chan. Louisa Chan is, you walk around in the same way as you.
    Events will be displayed on the button "Search Results" 4,.
    5, in the street view, street names will be displayed on the map.

    A. You can see the weather in Karuizawa in the menu "site weather forecast."
    Two. You can change the image like the image of Louisa Chan on the menu "icon You are here".

    Event Search
    1, a new event is added, you can search for the event.
    2, the event is linked to tourist attractions, you can see the spot held event.

    For details

    Please refer to here.

    So, thank you Karuizawa tourism app.

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