KAZA LIVE speedcam and traffic event warning

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    KAZA LIVE speedcam and traffic event warning

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    "KAZA LIVE" radar detector by GPS, unlike the radar detector is 100% legal, is "BASED ON A NUMEROUS COMMUNITY OF USERS" that will be of great help to drivers. They can be warned, IN REAL TIME, of the presence of the helicopter, mobile radars, fixed, section, traffic light, tunnels, etc.

    The KAZA LIVE APP will also provide users with other valuable information for road safety such as dangerous points, retentions, accidents, controls, encouraging concentration and attention in driving. Its background mode makes it compatible to use together with a browser like Google's.

    Through our powerful, accredited and exclusive database (developed by KAZA for more than 10 years) updated and downloaded in real time from our servers, the driver will know exactly where on the road are the "problems" with great anticipation. It also has a function in MAP mode that will allow you to clearly see and anticipate all the conflicting points in the route, both the events reported by the community (Blue color) and those recorded in the database (Red color), and see where it circulates exactly.
    The recorded points selectable by the user of the database are:

    Fixed radars
    Fixed speed radars
    Speed ​​radars
    Radar in tunnels
    Traffic light radars
    Possible areas controlled by mobile radars
    Road black spots
    Possible controls

    The points reported by the community of users in real time are:

    Mobile radars
    Helicopter flying over the area
    Traffic accidents
    Traffic jams and retentions
    Other controls

    Kaza Live is a fully customizable APP in terms of the warnings you want, such as: Fine speed adjustment, activation and deactivation of alerts, distance reported to the radar, etc ...
    Furthermore, due to its advanced and exclusive technological architecture that is much lighter, KAZA LIVE will occupy minimal memory resources in its Smart-phone, unlike other applications.
    KAZA LIVE can be downloaded for free in the "Android" and "Iphone" Smartphones in 5 languages.
    We appreciate your collaboration and suggestions that allow us to improve, as far as possible, this APP that we put at your service.
    The application is FREE during the month after the download, after this, you can select the paid version or follow it FREE but with publicity.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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