LD-Log FREE - GPS Logger & Travel Diary




    Multifunctional track logger for a wide range of uses
    Optimized for battery-efficient long-term tracking
    In-app travel diary / nautical logbook
    Maps and tools for outdoor navigation

    LD-Log tracks your travel routes using the device's GPS receiver. Waypoints are taken either manually or automatically with a user-definable interval set in minutes. As such, the app is designed to consume very little battery power. LD-Log also offers a tracking mode, allowing you to record your movements by the second.
    An editable waypoint-list for each route of your trip lets you create a detailed diary of your complete journey. LD-Log will allow you to enter text or shoot photos in-app as well as import them at a later time. As a sailor, use the sail mode which lets you keep a complete nautical ship's log in an intuitive manner. Many different options are available for convenient storage of trips, routes and journals.
    The map view features a selection of different online map sources. Previously viewed map tiles will remain available while offline. You may also include custom offline maps. Create destination points and navigate with the help of the integrated bearing compass and the numerous map tools, whether in the open country or at sea.
    LD-Log can be used to document a wide range of travel situations including: hikes, bicycle tours, offshore sailing cruises, city walks, voyages, road trips, ship and boat tours, photo geotagging, collecting geo locations (POI), cartography (e.g. in forestry), etc. - for professional or recreational use.

    This is the free version of LD-Log.
    If you need more functionality or would like to support further development, search for the full version.

    Minimal power usage
    Works offline (no data connection needed)
    Runs in standby mode, in background and in parallel to other GPS-apps
    Switchable tracking mode allows recording by the second [*, demo in FREE version]
    Editable waypoints (diary / logbook function)
    Quick menu for immediately adding waypoints with text entries or photos (no waiting for GPS necessary)
    Multiple images for each waypoint possible (direct capture or image import) [*, demo in FREE version]
    Map view with editable waypoints and functions for outdoor navigation
    Selection of different online map sources like OpenStreetMaps, OpenSeaMaps, OpenTopoMaps, USGS, NOAA Nautical Charts and many more
    Map cache for offline usage, support for custom offline maps
    Manual destination entry, direct map-based destination marking, import of destinations from KML files [*, demo in FREE version]
    Integrated bearing compass with direction display and distance to destination point a.o. [*, demo in FREE version]
    Unlimited number of routes (i.e. trip-days) per trip [*, FREE version: max. 2 routes]
    Sail mode: log separate distances for sail / engine, standardized nautical logbook entries for trip, routes and waypoints
    Export trips, routes and waypoints as GPX / KML or KMZ files with embedded images and open them directly in other apps
    Create travel reports (travel diary / logbook) as CSV tables, text or HTML files; these can include images and be printed (e.g. as PDF), sent/opened directly as well as exported to other apps
    Save and load trips, with a detailed overview of all saved trips [*]
    Wide selection of units available for recording date, distance and position (supports UTM WGS84/ETRS89)
    Many preset options for logging and GPS settings, all fully customizable
    Detailed manual and in-app help
    Requires only essential permission requests (location, storage, network, standby)
    Maximum privacy via local data storage
    [*] full version only

    More info, manual and help under

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