Limo Reservation App




    Limocious mobile app - fleet booking at your fingertips. Our app places the entire Car and Limousine Service at your fingertips. Its a iPhone / Android app that allows booking remotely

    With car-service mobile apps from Limocious, smartphone-wielding travelers looking to book a ride have
    handy new alternatives to making their reservations over the phone.

    Reservation options:
    Airport to Airport
    Point to Point
    To - Fro Airport / Address

    Round trip option - Customer can select round trip option with special request if he has.

    Online Reservation - website version Integration on your website

    Integration with Limoanywhere - Whenever anyone do booking on our app, that booking will goes to Limoanywhere system as well. Which reduces duplication of work.

    Flight information for airport type booking

    Rate calculation based on:
    Hourly rates
    Per mile rates
    Mile range wise rates

    Driver app for drivers -- iPhone / Android app that locates your drivers