LingoDiction, a communication-builder app from the labs of MediaAgility, aims to take the utter boredom and mundanity out of learning languages. Unlike other commonplace language training tools, LingoDiction doesn’t push users to learn grammatical and vocab-related details to set-off conversations pertaining to day-to-day activities. The app comprises of a set of words and phrases handpicked ingeniously to help people use a certain language in a more practicable manner. Just to ease a coherent learning, the app includes words classified under several categories. Rigorous research has been done in defining these categories and their corresponding set of words to make sure that users don’t get ducked by an excessive and redundant information load.

    It’s not just the selection of words that makes LingoDiction stand out of the crowd, but the ease with which users can harness the benefits is also worth taking a note. The app provides its users with a bevy of customization options to play with, letting them learn a complete language, or a significant part of it, at their own comfortable pace. Backpackers planning for a exploratory trip to a certain part of the globe, can have a respective pack of languages installed on their iOS or Android-powered devices.

    Taking that customizability feature a step further, the app also enables users to tag the words they use more often and assign those a category of their own. For instance, if a user wishes to have words from Finance, Colors, and Titles bunched in the same category, they can do it with remarkable ease. In addition to this, they can also have their choicest words from different languages clustered at one single location.

    LingoDiction also scores credibly in the navigation part. It sports an interface and menu options users will find easy to negotiate with. Simplified navigation menus, coupled with appealing color-schemes further makes it a language trainer of choice.